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Welcome to FishVille Ultimate Tank Guide
When you start Fishville, you will initially get a tank that can hold 15 fish only, so with this, you need to plan right what fish to grow for you to level up fast and for you to earn more money and experience points.
Raising and Selling Fast Fish

If you are just starting, you must grow and sell fish that matures fast. These are the Mini Dart Goby, Red Spot Cardinal and the Sardine fish. You can grow them for about 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 3 minutes. You can earn coins fast and get experience points fast than raising a fish that would take you a day before you can sell them.

For more infomation on fish harvest times see our fish guide.

Decorate your tank
This may cost you money but would give you experience points in return. There are numerous decorations available. Fond out more on our decorations page.
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